Curb Appealing

Project: Cute-ing of Cherry Hills West CHW Rating Scale: Weekender/Call a Pro It's been nearly a year since I put an offer in on CHW. The first time I spotted this house I hated the junipers. Finally, after six, or eight, months, I ripped them out. But I didn't stop there. After tearing out the... Continue Reading →

Got a few minutes? Make this!

Project: Recycling Calendar CHW Rating: Easy Like Sunday Morning (really!) Tonight I got home from work a wee bit later than normal and had a hankerin' to craft. However, seeing as the sun was starting to go down I didn't want to take so long that I'd be waiting for Mod Podge to dry at... Continue Reading →


Project: Operation Juniper Extraction CHW Rating: Weekender/Call a Pro The first time I laid eyes on CHW I hated the junipers. Between the crab apple in the backyard and the overgrown junipers in the front, it was a tough sell for me. Luckily for CHW and my dear readers, I looked past the spider-infested evergreens... Continue Reading →

Taggin’ in the Hood

Sometimes the house gods drop presents into your lap. And sometimes you have to fish those presents out of trash cans after you finish a morning run. Details aren't important. What matters is that these ugly torches were left out for me find and prettify.           All it took was a... Continue Reading →

Enter the Golden Dragon

Mission: Entrance Makeover CHW Rating: 2" (Mani Eater)* Recently I got a bug up my keister to renovate my entryway. Not sure really why as I've got a 1045 other projects in line ahead of it. Alas, one evening I was looking at the dirty, sad little room and heard a voice. The voice was... Continue Reading →

Introducing the CHW Project Rating Scale

Almost daily, nay, minutely, I'm asked how do I do what I do with Chez CHW. Where did I learn my home improvement skillz? Did I go to some special ladies clinic at Home Depot on a Saturday? Did I have a handy husband/boyfriend/father/brother who taught me how to do this? Did I have some... Continue Reading →

Wash & Wear

Did you know that our friends at WordPress will make a handy, dandy slideshow for me just because they love me so much? This makes me telling you about my laundry room transformation (!!) that much easier. And quicker. And picturery. With captions and pithy sayings. You probably aren't even reading this anymore because of... Continue Reading →

Blame it on the weather, kids.

Build raised planter beds. Check. Fill raised beds with designer dirt. Check. Plant seeds. Check. Wait for rain. No, snow. No, it’s rain. Check. Curse the squirrels that dig up my asparagus starters. Check. It’s April 30 and I’m nearly freezing because today’s weather oscillates between beautiful and sub-arctic. Currently it’s on the sub-arctic swing.... Continue Reading →


The past few weeks I’ve had a wee bit of ADD at home. I’ll start one project, get bored with it, see something shiny outside (ooo sunshine!) and want to go play. Then I start working on building a set of two 4’x4’ raised garden beds and what do you know, it starts snowing! I’ve... Continue Reading →

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