Can you build it? Not in 2018 it seems.

Sears Catalog Homes, Flying Car Kits and DIY Telescopes [To everyone who came to this page because of the above and are now wondering WTH, sorry.] I've often thought I lived another life in another time because I have an odd fascination with how things were built in the past. Recently Doug, the town historian,... Continue Reading →


Living With It

Project: Living, Dining Room and Bedroom Makeovers CHW Rating: Weekender (if tackled separately) Sometime between December and now (don't judge) I painted my bedroom, living and dining rooms. It took me nearly a year to pick out the color for the living/dining rooms because they are especially challenging rooms for various reasons. 1. The coved... Continue Reading →

The Never-ending Fence Project

CHW Rating: Call a Pro This spring we had wacky weather. I think we say that every season but this spring really did. Look it up on the Googles, I’m sure it’s there. Everything is on the Googles. Back at the end of March (oh lawdy, it was that long ago), the Wicked Witch of... Continue Reading →

How to: convert an Ikea lamp to brilliance

Project: Ikea Lamp Conversion CHW Rating: Easy Like Sunday Morning What do you do when you find a few Ikea lamps missing shades? Most sane people would just buy new shades. Or new lamps. Or both. Trouble is, Ikea stopped selling the shades separate online and we only got an actual store after I finished... Continue Reading →

Home Improvement Pet Peeves (HIPP)

There's been so many projects at CHW lately that I haven't had time to update you all. Over the past month I painted my dining room, living room and bedroom. This sounds innocent and easy but, in reality, takes more time than you can imagine. All three rooms required a major detox due to years... Continue Reading →

Summer in a Jar

Project: Peach Jam CHW Rating: Easy as Sunday Morning It's December 1 and snowy in Denver. It's as if someone flipped a switch and the season turned to winter just as the calendar page turned. Yesterday was almost summer at 60 degrees. Today we'll get 4-6" of snow. Days like this make me want to... Continue Reading →

Curb Appealing

Project: Cute-ing of Cherry Hills West CHW Rating Scale: Weekender/Call a Pro It's been nearly a year since I put an offer in on CHW. The first time I spotted this house I hated the junipers. Finally, after six, or eight, months, I ripped them out. But I didn't stop there. After tearing out the... Continue Reading →

Got a few minutes? Make this!

Project: Recycling Calendar CHW Rating: Easy Like Sunday Morning (really!) Tonight I got home from work a wee bit later than normal and had a hankerin' to craft. However, seeing as the sun was starting to go down I didn't want to take so long that I'd be waiting for Mod Podge to dry at... Continue Reading →


Project: Operation Juniper Extraction CHW Rating: Weekender/Call a Pro The first time I laid eyes on CHW I hated the junipers. Between the crab apple in the backyard and the overgrown junipers in the front, it was a tough sell for me. Luckily for CHW and my dear readers, I looked past the spider-infested evergreens... Continue Reading →

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