Well, well, well…

Hi. It’s me. I’m not dead. I just forgot myself for a while. It’s pretty easy to do in today’s world of the facepages and Nethulus. And relationships gone wrong. And dogs with anxiety. Humans with anxiety, too.

But I’m here, getting back to me. One of my goals for 2018 is to write more—at least 1 hour per week. Another one of my goals is to grow my  apiary to two hives. Oh wait! I have bees now. They were added whilst I was away from you. If you’re friends with me on the facepages or follow me on Instagram you probably already know this.

So here I am, back to home improvements and self improvements. Why just today I restored three old rugs to their sticky backed glory. How you ask? Magic! Science! You may remember that I have hardwoods and tile throughout the Vintage 41 homestead. In a few key places I have area rugs. Three of them had lost their sticky, do not move from this spot, ability. Mostly from over washing due to aforementioned dogs.

Before, she really can’t believe that I would let the rugs get this way.

I was about to go out and buy new area rugs when the frugal, not cheap, one inside me asked if Amazon had anything to reapply the stickiness. ::Eyeroll:: Of course Amazon had something. There are few options, one more pricey than the last. I went with the lower cost of the options, the Performix 075815100139 Super Grip Fabric Spray (Affiliate Link*) for $13 and change. I tested it out on my small kitchen rug first. It has to dry for something like 900 years so I started the project right about the time the Knights Templar were getting going.

After, my hott pink Crocs can’t move it. Use your imagination.

This morning I pulled the rug out of the garage and tested its stick-to-it-ness. Success! It doesn’t move. The real test will be when the dogs want to skid across the floor during one of their zoomies. I’ll report back to my dear readers then.

The other two rugs are drying now. They should be done in approximately 847 years.

*A third goal of mine in 2018 is to earn more money, which is why I now offer affiliate links. I promise not to overdo it.


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