Dog-proof gardening

CHW Difficulty Rating: Mani Eater

For those who know me, I’m know as the basil whisperer. I can grow basil like it’s my full time job. Except it isn’t. Which is a shame because basil never sends me meeting requests for 4 p.m. on a Friday.

I wasn’t always the basil whisperer. I’m a dog lady, which means I have my dogs, foster dogs and random friends’ dogs in my yard at all times. And my dogs love my garden.

A lot.


So one day I decided to break their little dog hearts and build an enclosed garden (drip irrigation to come later). Since I’m cheap frugal, I upcycled my existing raised beds and tried to use as much lumber that I had on hand. In the end I bought three 4x4x8 posts, chicken wire (so much chicken wire), a staple gun (tools!), a gate kit, and these magical screws that go through lumber like buttah.


The project took me most of the day. It could have been less had I bought those screws sooner. Live and learn.

I added pea gravel in the middle to keep it from getting muddy and built a gate. You read that right. I. Built. A. Gate. Bam!


The end result is something very Pinteresting. Except it’s in my yard and I didn’t eff it up.

And the basil?

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