Living With It

Project: Living, Dining Room and Bedroom Makeovers
CHW Rating: Weekender (if tackled separately)

Sometime between December and now (don’t judge) I painted my bedroom, living and dining rooms. It took me nearly a year to pick out the color for the living/dining rooms because they are especially challenging rooms for various reasons. 1. The coved ceilings, which I love, present an “all or nothing” color challenge, ii. The two rooms are connected by a common wall, and c) I’m OCD so any color choice takes longer than with the average person.

The bedroom presented a separate decision making conundrum. I had an inspirational picture from a magazine. A page which I may or may not have torn out of a magazine whilst waiting in the doctors office a year ago. I wuved the color on the walls but couldn’t find it at my local Home Depot. It was a paint carried by HD so I thought this would be easy peasy. Not so. They discontinued the color chip a while ago so I had to meticulously sort through the chips to find a close match. Then I took sample jar after sample jar home to paint on the walls to see if it was the right color. What felt like 100 days later I found the Goldilocks color: not too dark, not too light, just right.

Painting commenced. Then window repair and painting followed. I think I’ve mentioned that my windows are original to the house? They are charming. That’s what people say about old details on a 70+ yo house that take a lot of time to repair. My charming windows took a few weekends of sanding, stripping paint from hardware, prepping, painting, repainting, etc, to get them updated.

Then the hunt for shades began. This would have taken half a day but I was buying shades for every window in the house and the nearby HD didn’t have enough. Multiple fieldtrips to other HDs and I have fully covered windows. I went with the cordless honeycomb shades. They raise and lower without cords. It’s pretty sweet and worth the extra few dollars for each to not have to wrangle with cords. Plus, they’re pet and kid safe! You know, cus I have all those kids in my house all the time… errr.

If I made a CPM plan for this project it would have gone grossly over the time frame. Those windows are a doozie. Each project I do in this house I learn something to apply for the next. This project’s lesson was painter’s caulk + tape = beautiful, straight lines. It’s not rocket science by any means but on these plaster walls it made a world of difference.

Before, During and After Slideshow

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