The Never-ending Fence Project

CHW Rating: Call a Pro

This spring we had wacky weather. I think we say that every season but this spring really did. Look it up on the Googles, I’m sure it’s there. Everything is on the Googles. Back at the end of March (oh lawdy, it was that long ago), the Wicked Witch of the South blew down the fence between my neighbor’s yard and mine. The dogs loved it! They helped themselves to two yards whilst we figured out how to repair/replace the fence. This took about two months. Seriously.

First I priced it out because I thought we’d have to do it ourselves. Then Neighbor Lady had a brilliant idea: insurance! Her insurance company came through and paid for the whole thing. My insurance company was a wee bit more conservative in the estimated value. Read: None.

Neighbor Lady ended up calling all the contractors to get bids and she decided on Joe the Fence Guy to do the work. I asked Joe for a bid to replace my chainlink fence with a 6’ privacy fence whilst he was at it. For a mere $1300 I got my privacy from the Creepy Guy in the house behind me. Worth. Every. Penny.

Best part was that I didn’t have to lift a finger. Joe the Fence Guy did all the work in two days. The dogs, however, are very sad now that they are confined to single yards again.


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