How to: convert an Ikea lamp to brilliance

Project: Ikea Lamp Conversion
CHW Rating: Easy Like Sunday Morning

What do you do when you find a few Ikea lamps missing shades? Most sane people would just buy new shades. Or new lamps. Or both. Trouble is, Ikea stopped selling the shades separate online and we only got an actual store after I finished this project (of course).

I ended up adopting them with the intent to made new shades. The first lamp took about an hour to make, with most of the time spent waiting for paint to dry.

I painted the base a chocolate color using Mod Podge, brown acrylic and a tish of black.

Then I took a $10 lamp shade from Target and covered it with fabric using hot glue. It wasn’t just any fabric, mind you. I found a skirt at GW for $1.99 with a pattered that I just luved. The skirt didn’t fit but it has new life as a lamp shade.

To polish it off, I added a few fabric flowers, once again using hot glue, and voila! A new lamp for under $15.

Finally, I put the lamp on my nightstand and added a bird. Because no project is complete with a bird, right? Don’t believe me? Watch this.


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