Home Improvement Pet Peeves (HIPP)

There’s been so many projects at CHW lately that I haven’t had time to update you all. Over the past month I painted my dining room, living room and bedroom. This sounds innocent and easy but, in reality, takes more time than you can imagine. All three rooms required a major detox due to years of grime build up prior to paint being applied. Then I had to patch, fill and sand numerous holes left by over zealous anchor bolts and questionable drapery hanging methods. It also required removing doors, stripping paint off hinges (smilies!) and patching former hinge outlines in door frames. Then I painted the doors, shined the hinges and rehung them. Pictures are forth coming. Until then, here is my Top Ten list of Home Improvement Pet Peeves:

10. Piss-poor workmanship: need I say more?
9.  Painting over chipping paint: this is on the outside of my house. Now I get to strip and repaint my entire house!
8. Galvanized pipes: aka slow, corroding mazes of crap
7. Old wiring: it’s a guessing game where they lead
6. Nails in place of a screw: seriously!
5. Unfinished projects: um, no comment right now
4. Anchor bolts: see above and this post
3. Shiney paint: icky, icky, icky
2. Flat head screws: created by the devil to haunt mankind until the Second Coming
1. Painted hardware: lazy, lazy, lazy

I just realized that a lot of my HIPPs revolve around paint. Maybe it’s because that’s on the brain lately. I reserve the right to alert and reorder this list when I take on my next project(s).

What are your HIPPs?


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