Wine? Why not!

Project: Dining Room Hutch
CHW Rating: Weekender

It’s been awhile but I’m back at the home improvement beat. I took some time off for the summer to enjoy grilling, sunshine and biking across Eastern Europe. One thing led to another, summer turned to fall and it’s time to get back to work on this masterpiece.

The gateway drug of choice this time around was a piece of furniture. At first glance it didn’t look like much but I could see the potential the first time I saw it. It was a Friday afternoon. The late summer sun glinted off of the yellowing leaves and children we’re enjoying the last few warm days before coats and snow boots became… what? Oh, yeah, that’s a different project. So I drove by it sitting in an alley, the international sign for “take me.” It was almost like it was waiting for me to come rescue it from boredom.

So I brought it home and gave it a little love. After I bashed the crap out of it to remove two of the drawers.

I had a vision, you see. A vision of wine and roses. This involved high school Algebra skillz to figure out what length to cut the plywood. It also involved asking my engineering friend what Algebra is to be able to use said skillz.

At first I painted it a bright yellow color, but alas, I severely misjudged how dark the yellow might turn out. I was hoping for more of a dark mustard and instead I got a Big Bird yellow. As much as I love that big fluffy flightless bird, the color bothered me. And if it bothers me, you know it’s got to be repainted.

I had a sample size (dog bless Home Depot’s paint department) of Parisian Taupe in flat. It took to the hutch like a stalker to a pretty girl. The top and inside was originally supposed to be a reddish brown. The first coat came out a little closer to purple. I salvaged the color by mixing in black as I was painting the second coat. This resulted in some variations in tone that came closer to the color I was looking for.

The result it a very grown up looking sidebar/wine hutch/thingamajig that’s pretty awesome.


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