Curb Appealing

Project: Cute-ing of Cherry Hills West
CHW Rating Scale: Weekender/Call a Pro

It’s been nearly a year since I put an offer in on CHW. The first time I spotted this house I hated the junipers. Finally, after six, or eight, months, I ripped them out.

Before: The only thing I miss is the green grass... Sigh.

But I didn’t stop there. After tearing out the offending shrubbery I decided to sand, patch and paint the faux shutters and front door.

During: Ho-hum

But wait! There’s more. I also (finally) installed a storm door. It’s a lot harder to install a storm door on your own kids. Phone a friend. Or two. Then drink lots of beer afterward.


In the spring I’ll install a sprinkler system and plant some water-wise plants to pull it all together. But for now it’s a huge improvement. Some times I look at my house and giggle. Then I think, damn, I did this!


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