Got a few minutes? Make this!

Project: Recycling Calendar
CHW Rating: Easy Like Sunday Morning (really!)

Tonight I got home from work a wee bit later than normal and had a hankerin’ to craft. However, seeing as the sun was starting to go down I didn’t want to take so long that I’d be waiting for Mod Podge to dry at midnight. It was also recycling day at CHW, which is always a surprise because my top o’ the line waste company doesn’t provide a calendar for pick ups. They come every other Monday. I never remember if this Monday is that Monday or if it’s next Monday. Weeks Months went by with me not knowing what Monday it was. So this morning I took a gamble and put out the bin. Yatzee! I won! They picked it up. So I went to write down all the dates on my trusty Post-it. Then I thought, how ugly is that?! CHW deserves a cute calendar. Inspired by a few other crafty chicks, I came up with a 5 minute craft project that satisfied my need to craft with instant gratification.

You can make something like this, too. All you need is a few supplies.

  1. Paint chips (Thanks Martha for your lovely selection.)
  2. Letter stickers
  3. Glue dots or light but strong adhesive
  4. Magnet for fridge (I reused an old magnet)
  5. Pen or thin Sharpie

First I cut out a panel of Martha’s finest paint chip brochure, available at your local Home Depot. Then I stuck RE:cycle on the top of the paint chip panel. You can be as direct or clever as you want. I went with a play on words because I was feeling saucy.

Now this is the complicated part. You need to find all the dates. I used what the Mayans’ refer to as a “calendar” and wrote out the dates through June on a piece of paper just to make sure I had them all right the first time. With dates in hand, I filled in all the blanks.

I used glue dots to attach it to the magnet and promptly posted it on the fridge.

Now I’ll never have to guess if this Monday is that Monday. The best part? I recycled everything but the glue dots and letter stickers to make this. You’re welcome Earth.


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