Project: Operation Juniper Extraction
CHW Rating: Weekender/Call a Pro

The first time I laid eyes on CHW I hated the junipers. Between the crab apple in the backyard and the overgrown junipers in the front, it was a tough sell for me. Luckily for CHW and my dear readers, I looked past the spider-infested evergreens to see the potential that this little house held. And this weekend, when everyone was celebrating our nation’s independence, my brother and I were liberating CHW from the landscape “don’t” in my front yard.

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While the work isn’t yet complete, I feel this enormous sense of accomplishment after watching the shrubs get ripped out of the yard. The front yard looks more like a juniper war zone right now but after the dust settles and the last branch is hauled away CHW is going to be better, faster, stronger and most important, prettier!


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