Enter the Golden Dragon

Mission: Entrance Makeover
CHW Rating: 2″ (Mani Eater)*

Recently I got a bug up my keister to renovate my entryway. Not sure really why as I’ve got a 1045 other projects in line ahead of it. Alas, one evening I was looking at the dirty, sad little room and heard a voice. The voice was the entryway crying out: “wash me!” So I did. Then I thought I heard it ask for a sandwich, which is pretty weird considering it’s a room, but I went and made myself a sandwich anyway.

After eating the sandwich I realized that the room could be an easy renovation, one which would bring me a lot of satisfaction and joy. We all need more joy in our lives so I forged ahead.

First I picked out a color. It was a little bright but I thought, what the heck? It’s a small room, it can stand some color.

My color inspiration came from the hallway in a hotel in Tampa, Florida. Note to self: things are a little brighter in Florida.

Nonetheless I painted. And realized about halfway through that the room was a shade lighter than nuclear orange. Oops. So I went to Home Depot and found a lighter color. Ahh, I’ve done it, I thought.

But it was a little too light yellow. As in an asexual baby’s room light yellow.

Then it came to me! Actually, my mom suggested I blend the two colors to make it the right shade, but I thought that would be too much work so I faux painted instead.

I used a high tech tool I like to call “a plastic bag,” which is the same tool I used to faux paint my laundry room floor. It started out well but I realized that it wasn’t really giving me the look I wanted and a wall is a much bigger pain in the behind than a floor. So I just switched to dry brushing the darker color over the lighter color and it went soooper fast after that.

While I was waiting for that to dry I started making some art! Yay art! Art makes me happy. I went to art camp and got all inspired again so now I’m a fool with a glue gun and Mod Podge.

I took myself on a date to Hobby Lobby and bought some canvas, scrapbook paper with sweet designs on it and started arting.





And after that I put them up and took artsy photos of them. Oooh. Ahhh.





The result is a truly custom, one-of-a-kind entry way that no longer looks sad and dirty. It’s very happy (with happy birds!) and enterwayable.

*Cool graphics to come someday. Just as soon as my Etch-A-Sketch comes in.


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  1. Like! Yellow/oranges are hard – if you’re not lucky, they end up looking like various types of beagle excrement.

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