The past few weeks I’ve had a wee bit of ADD at home. I’ll start one project, get bored with it, see something shiny outside (ooo sunshine!) and want to go play. Then I start working on building a set of two 4’x4’ raised garden beds and what do you know, it starts snowing! I’ve got a serious case of spring fever and want to be outside as much as possible.

My laundry room somehow got painted in between my distractions. It’s so preeeety. And one of the two beds are complete. I’m just waiting for the sun to come out at the same time I’m home to finish the second one. I need to faux finish the laundry floor – it’s my temporary fix until I can tile, which won’t be until the ancient hot water heater goes to the big water heater place in the sky.

One of my other distractions has been dating. Oy. I’ll tell this story because it’s related to home improvement and it’s just damn funny. Or I think so.

**TV Time Out** Oh, background… I missed out on the whole “dating in my 20s” thing because I was married in my 20s. So the way men act in or out of relationships these days is all new to me. And it both humors and confounds me at the same time. What is wrong with some people’s children? **TV Time In**

Two Sunday’s ago I got talked into going out in the dead of night (past 8 p.m.) to meet a gent for a drink. Honestly, the thing I wanted most that night was to remain on my couch and break in a new pair of PJs. But I keep having this reappearing vision of me becoming The Cat Lady, even though I hate cats and am deathly allergic to them. So out I went. Met the guy. I’ll call him The Tourette’s Guy. He said and did everything you’re not supposed to say or do in a first date in about 20 minutes. (Politics, religion, exes, fetishes, his take on the smoking ban, his take on women in relationships – they all let themselves go you see) Anything he happened to be thinking just came on out of his mouth. Like Tourettes. It did not end well. We agreed at the end that we would not see each other and have a nice life, etc. He also wore about a gallon of cologne. Ick.

Fast forward to this Sunday when I was assembling my garden bed #1. Picture me with my cordless power drill in one hand, screw in another balancing it to screw it into the cedar.

**Sidebar** These garden beds are going to be sweet! I splurged on using cedar and they smell awesome!

So I’m about to drill and *ping* goes my phone. After screwing in the screw, I look at the message. Who the…? It’s from Tourette’s Guy. At first I think he sent it by accident. Then I read it. No. He sent it on purpose.

T.G.: Wanna meet up for a few beers at Milo’s and make out?

I laughed for about 25 minutes. Then called M and left her a message about it. Then I laughed for another 5 minutes while I finished garden bed #1.


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