Bathroom Detox, Part Deux

AKA, Is that the same room?

If you’re still with us, we were playing Marines: tearing something down only to build it back up again, better and stronger than ever.

Using my best CPM methods (Excel) I projected that this project would take two weeks, including time for me to pack my other house and move. I’m insane. We all get that now. But I really did complete about 95% of the project in two weeks. That’s better than anyone thought possible.


Take a look at the floor in this picture. What do you see? If you see mold, you win a free 1976 toilet! With the help of A I was able to tile the floor with what is now the “spa” tile. Every time I walk into the bathroom I feel like I’m walking into a spa. Ahhhhhhh. I feel more relaxed just thinking about it.

The trouble with tile is not how long it takes to install it. It’s not how long it takes to pick out the right tile. It’s not even how hard it is to cut. No, all these things are easy. The trouble with tile is that it ruins you for the rest of your life for any other flooring except tile. Or hardwood. The point is that once you put in a tile floor, any other floor you consider replacing (like a kitchen or a laundry room – coming to a blog near you) can’t be anything but tile. Crap.

Then I painted again. And again. And installed a pretty new light fixture sans light plug. Then M and A helped me move the cabinet into the room and A helped me install the vanity top. Everything after the cabinet install went like butta. The faucet? Easy. The hardware on the cabinet? Cake. I even decided to paint the shelves another color to “accent” them. Ain’t nothin’ but a thang.

Then came the hard part… the shelves used to have a door. I took off the door in demolition phase and someone it got put in the trash. Oh darn. I was left with scars of the hinges. Luckily, A gave me a super-sized tub of Durham’s Water Putty (which is not water, nor Durham) for Christmas (and how nice is this guy, giving a girl like me home-improvement products?). It’s an uber good putty to patch wood surfaces. You mix it with water to be the desired consistency, slap it up, let it dry, sand, and repeat. Then paint. Laudy it works. It works a little too good as the rest of the cabinet now looks a little beat up compared to the perfectly smooth Durham’s spots. But such is life.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Before: Yuuuuuuuuuck

Yes, the "vanity" top matches the floor. You've got to pay extra for that kind of coordination.

After: Ahhhhhhhhh

The beagle adds a little je ne sais quoi, non?

Next I’ll get to the laundry room. It had a huge hole in the wall, which is partially dry walled and awaits a second coat of mud. Stay tuned. It’s scintillating!


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