I want an Oompa Loompa NOW, daddy!

Willy Wonka once said “So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.” Since I don’t have an Oompa Loompa or even a regular minion (my request is on backorder), I have to settle for doing all this work myself. It’s a little overwhelming. OK, a lot overwhelming. And when I get overwhelmed there’s only one thing to do… dance!

Wait. Strike that …there’s only one thing to do… unleash my OCD. My OCD likes to organize stuff. It likes to color match and… line up bottles! perfect lines are perfect! iron jeans! ooh! alphabetize spice jars in my cabinets!.. ah, yes, there are people watching. So I was saying… My OCD is the perfect minion to get this home improvementness plan under control. I like to make lists. Lots of lists. And store them in binders. With tabs. Color coded tabs. And floor plans, with color swatches and fabric samples. Then I can put a cover sheet on the outside that clearly states to the world that I. HAVE. A. PLAN. And what’s more powerful than a binder full of plans?

Ahh. That’s better. Now I can get to work on my next post about my 99.99% complete bathroom. It’s very exciting. There’s grout involved. And a $500 GFCI outlet.


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