My dude didn't look like this. No awesome sideburns for me.

Trying to ignore the fact that there is an open flame burning in my laundry room, tonight I happily did my first load of laundry in what feels like forever. Or since Sunday when I discovered that my brand spankin’ new gas dryer didn’t actually “heat.” I’d had it for three whole days before it dawned on me that it shouldn’t take 4 hours to dry sheets. This is the first gas dryer I’ve ever used so what do I know? Ryan at HD gave me the number to the Maytag Man, who, disappointingly, does not show up wearing the hat.

Bob the Maytag Man did, however, show up on Tuesday morning, on time and proclaimed the igniter was broken. How did I get so lucky to be something that simple? Bob the Maytag Man did not have said replacement igniter on him because, as he said, “they tend to break while riding in my truck.” Greeeeeeaaat. So we reschedule for this morning when Bob the Maytag Man once again showed up on time and got to work. Now I have an open flame shooting towards a thin metal canister with only the force of air pulling it up to heat the contents of the dryer.

I’m sure it’s perfectly safe. I’m mean, it’s not like Maytags break or anything. Um, oh.


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