Under Pressure

Sometimes progress is slow. Sometimes it appears in a slow dribble that in 12 hours may actually fill up a sink.

True to form, Moen overnighted a replacement part after I asked really nicely. Bob the Moen Guy originally said it would arrive on January 17. To which I responded, um, seriously? Are you walking it to me? Short story long, the new part showed up today and I popped it into place. No leak! Yay! Progress. After that I opened up the tap only to experience a slow drip instead of a steady stream. But hey, progress, right?

Another plumber is coming tomorrow so maybe we’ll have more progress to report. Cross your fingers and toes.


2 thoughts on “Under Pressure

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  1. All of our toes are crossed here at Beagle Camp. We’re so happy you’re blogging again – how else would I learn how to spell cattywompus?

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