Embracing the Unexpected

Music has a way of bringing me back to myself in the most unexpected ways. It's not that the effect of it is unusual; I have to believe that it happens to most of us. Humans have been making and sharing music to express our joys and sorrows since we decorated our first caves. It's... Continue Reading →

Relationship Hangover Cure

Five months and change ago I ended a toxic relationship. Afterward it was imperative that I put myself on a dating diet in order to get my head right. The relationship started like a dinner party, progressed to an all night rager and ended with a hangover lasting much longer than I'd anticipated. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Can you build it? Not in 2018 it seems.

Sears Catalog Homes, Flying Car Kits and DIY Telescopes [To everyone who came to this page because of the above and are now wondering WTH, sorry.] I've often thought I lived another life in another time because I have an odd fascination with how things were built in the past. Recently Doug, the town historian,... Continue Reading →

Dirty little secret

I have a dirty little secret to share. My bathroom tile's grout is gross. And I can't be the only one. Before you start gagging please note that I wash my floors regularly. I've got a magic steamer doohickey that steams away dirt and grime without using any chemicals. I clean the floor once a... Continue Reading →

Well, well, well…

Hi. It's me. I'm not dead. I just forgot myself for a while. It's pretty easy to do in today's world of the facepages and Nethulus. And relationships gone wrong. And dogs with anxiety. Humans with anxiety, too. But I'm here, getting back to me. One of my goals for 2018 is to write more—at... Continue Reading →

Dog-proof gardening

CHW Difficulty Rating: Mani Eater For those who know me, I'm know as the basil whisperer. I can grow basil like it's my full time job. Except it isn't. Which is a shame because basil never sends me meeting requests for 4 p.m. on a Friday. I wasn't always the basil whisperer. I'm a dog... Continue Reading →

Living With It

Project: Living, Dining Room and Bedroom Makeovers CHW Rating: Weekender (if tackled separately) Sometime between December and now (don't judge) I painted my bedroom, living and dining rooms. It took me nearly a year to pick out the color for the living/dining rooms because they are especially challenging rooms for various reasons. 1. The coved... Continue Reading →

The Never-ending Fence Project

CHW Rating: Call a Pro This spring we had wacky weather. I think we say that every season but this spring really did. Look it up on the Googles, I’m sure it’s there. Everything is on the Googles. Back at the end of March (oh lawdy, it was that long ago), the Wicked Witch of... Continue Reading →

How to: convert an Ikea lamp to brilliance

Project: Ikea Lamp Conversion CHW Rating: Easy Like Sunday Morning What do you do when you find a few Ikea lamps missing shades? Most sane people would just buy new shades. Or new lamps. Or both. Trouble is, Ikea stopped selling the shades separate online and we only got an actual store after I finished... Continue Reading →

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